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Have you considered an event website for your own brand? When it comes to having an online base, it’s fair to say, most businesses have a website. Some good and some bad. Some inspiring and some that drain the desire to purchase from your being. What seems strange is that the website trend appears to have missed the events sector altogether. With many companies still choosing to sell their tickets through a one-stop event shop. With popular event centres making the most of being a middleman.

Why is this sector so far behind and what could having your own website bring to your events business? 💻

Right now, we all want events. Whether it’s while we longingly daydream of those missed summer festivals or the rapidly approaching Christmas festivities. We want memories, and we want them now. So what better time to sell your event to the masses? Having spent almost six-months stuck staring at the same four walls, it’s your time to captivate us.

Event web design 🤳

Events are all about having fun. They revolve around the creation of brilliant, long-lasting memories. So why not have your own bespoke experience that begins with your own bespoke website?

Having a website designed specifically for your event means you can say and do whatever you want with your space. Events are primarily bright coloured, eye-catching spectacles. So let’s stop selling through a blank templated middleman with one colour scheme. As event design and web design specialists, we are all about making you unforgettable. Every challenge is a moment of joy for Create8, it means we can build something totally individual to you and your business.

Actually, that one looks better 🤔

The truth of the matter is, when your tickets are sold alongside several other events, you are in competition before you have even started. An event almost wholly revolves around ticket sales, why would you want your customers choosing someone else? You wouldn’t, right? Here’s the thing with human nature, it only takes one slight passing thought to change all plans.

For example, if one of your competitors has a performer who catches the eye, you are likely to lose that sale. This wouldn’t happen if you have your own website. When it comes to designing your website, we have a wealth of expertise, with our team having over ten years experience in the sector.

It’s essential to remember that buying online has replaced shopping for something tangible. Your user experience begins with your website, or even, on some occasions the marketing that your potential customer sees first. Having everything in unison has never been so important, and neither has making sure you are the most memorable player in your sector. Being recognised by your colours, fonts, style and brand across every platform. Is simple if you have an innovative, creative agency in your corner.

Think Martin Lewis 💸

Ok, we know, the money-saving expert is a bit of a random heading. His brand is the perfect example of why everyone should have a bespoke website. The Martin Lewis brand is largely profitable due to exploiting the profitability of data capture.

Whilst you’re selling your tickets and publicising your event through someone else’s website, who is building the data capture list? Well, it’s the host of the website. On the back of your marketing, they are not only making whatever fee you pay for selling through their software, but you’re also losing out on vital information.

So why are we pushing data capture? Sometimes, potential customers will sign up to receive information, even if they are only partially committed to your event. The beauty of this is that you can sell to these potential customers, further down the line. Whether it’s merchandise for those who missed out on tickets or a future event. Why sell once when you can sell twice?

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In the events sector, we understand that sometimes time constraints can put added pressure on a business. Hiring a fully immersive design agency who can work hand-in-hand with your design and marketing journey, could save you time and money. A marketing and design team strengthens your position in the sector significantly.

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