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Looking for Web Design Tips? Here’s ours for Tech based Websites

As we all know, seeing is believing, and when it comes to selling a piece of software, the sceptical are often keen to express their opinion. Which is why your tech website design needs to do all it can to sell your product and to convince those looking to invest in your software.

Call to action

If clients don’t trust your product, what do you need to do? You need to show the use and capabilities of your software. Utilise as many ‘call to action’ buttons as possible. ‘Request a demo’ is a useful way to put your product in front of the customer whilst allowing you to capture the information of those who have been on your website.



What does it look like?

With a tech-based product, it’s key that the end-user can preview how the interface looks before they actually purchase the product. It is important to note that the customer will not be an expert; therefore, usability comes at the forefront of whether they are likely or unlikely to buy your product. Include a preview of your user interface on your homepage.

What sets you apart?

When it comes to software, the marketplace has never been so competitive. With easy-to-use apps and free download programmes, the everyday user can pretty much do anything from the comfort of their own home. Therefore it’s crucial to highlight the main features of your product and what sets you apart from the competition as much as you can.

Your website should highlight your main features clearly, make those vital USP’s stand out! But try not to be too technical with your wording as some of your potential customers won’t have the relevant industry knowledge.

Why so much?

Now that your customer knows what you do and what it is that makes you stand out, the key question arises…How much does it cost? Be succinct and don’t sugar-coat the price. A clear price-point builds immediate confidence in your brand for potential customers. If your product has different subscription prices, then highlight all the numerous levels, showing a base price and then charging a different rate when they’re subscribing often leads to potential customers backing out of the purchase.

Why not offer a free demo at all subscription levels and allow the potential customers to try different offerings before committing to your product?

How difficult is it to buy?

Making sure your website is clean and easy to navigate is often overlooked, and we can’t stress how vital the user-journey actually is! Think about the number of times you’ve looked at buying a piece of software before deciding against it due to the complexity of the purchase, trust us, it happens a lot.

Although you may not think it right now, your website is as important as your product. Would you purchase a new pair of Gucci trainers from a clunky website or would you choose to use the simple, high-end website that feels like shopping at Selfridges?

What do people think of your software?

Testimonials, testimonials and more testimonials! Nothing says ‘Our product is brilliant’ better than someone else saying it. From day one, make sure you collect your reviews and use them to advertise and market your software as frequently as possible.

There are multiple review platforms on the internet that are available as plug-ins for your website. Find one that suits your theme and ticks the boxes you need and integrate it with your website as soon as possible. Let someone else do the selling for you.


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