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In a social media world, businesses are flooding what we see day-in and day-out; social media advertising; offers and one-off deals that last a lifetime. We are all for social media marketing and digital marketing in general. However, as more and more companies are finding a direct route onto our phone, laptop and tablet screens it’s creating an incredibly oversaturated marketplace.

Using social influence 🤳

The influencer sector is very marmite, and whilst we understand and embrace that, the secret to being influenced by the right people is to do your homework. The hoards of businesses looking to tap into the influencer gold-mine means sometimes more influencers are being offered opportunities without enough checks by either the influencer or the company, which in turn leads to poor content.

The truth of the matter is that without any burden of responsibility, influencers are able to promote any business they wish. However, it is failing the consumer morally as those businesses who then don’t fulfil orders leave the customer short of cash and the reputation of the influencer possibly ruined.

Honesty, please… 👀

Finding an honest influencer within the world of social media marketing. Follow the individual for a certain period, learn what brands they are affiliated to and which they simply like to buy, this will help your decisions in the long-run. Do your research before purchasing a product, don’t go off the word of one person.

Buy good products, not just good content! Often images are filtered and edited to make them fit into a certain aesthetic, make sure you understand the colouration and style of the product you are purchasing. It’s highly unlikely you are going to walk around with a filter on everyday life.

Guess who 🔍

Social media platforms allow any account to post an advert; are they doing enough to protect the consumer? Well, the truth is, if someone wants to spend money on a social media marketing campaign, platforms aren’t really in the position to stop them.

Unfortunately, filtering through the adverts is at the consumer’s discretion and working out the good, the bad and the indifferent adverts is a talent we have to learn, sooner rather than later.

For Sale 💰

As the prime advertising space across all social media platforms is for sale to the highest bidder. It creates an opportunity for businesses selling cheap or counterfeit goods to still buy slots and go undetected.

If a product is not what it seems we are often keen to return it; however, when the company is located in a far off country, a lot of consumers end up stuck with a product they don’t want. Do your homework every single time and protect yourselves from the hazards of social media marketing.

Is it making everything cheap and untrustworthy? 🙄

It boils down to a few factors, on a personal level we find social media marketing incredibly helpful and see it moving forwards and thriving. Thanks to the constant innovation of the platforms we already have, and the emergence of newer, more edgy platforms.

The sector is grossly oversaturated, however, the best social media adverts are brilliant and continue to keep us entertained, engaged and spending! When it comes to the influencer sector, choose who you follow because you like their content, but choose what you buy because you love the product. Learn to fine-tune your eyes to spot the counterfeit or poorly made products and embrace the sector for the opportunities it brings us all as businesses and consumers.

If you are looking for any advice regarding marketing on social media head across to our social media guide or give us a call.

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