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Since the origin of business, personality has been a selling point. From the street vendor market stall to the wall street cold caller, it’s all about the hard sell. It’s when you mix this with a little sprinkle of personality that the whole thing really sets alight Fast forward to 2020, and we are cooped up in offices trying to sell directly to the masses via the internet. But the context remains the same; those who are the most successful are the ones who champion their personality. And right now, in this very moment, there are few better ways of achieving this than with a business podcast.

Why are businesses using podcasts?

When you think of the world of digital marketing, podcasts might be one of the last things that spring to mind. Because of that, the importance of introducing one into your marketing strategy has been almost universally overlooked.

The true potential of a podcast is that they allow companies to reach their audience no matter where they are, and they do so with only a little commitment from the potential audience. As more of our customers are on the move, the beauty of the podcast being available for everyone who has access to a smartphone means your business can be right there with them. There’s also no particular audience demographic when it comes to podcasts, depending on the information provided they seem as popular with women as men.

When it comes to marketing, putting your business in front of potential customers is maybe the easiest part, but converting those eyes (or ears) into much-needed sales is where your business sinks or swims.


Hot Topics

Discussion of hot topics will always make for popular podcasts, from all the latest glitz and glam of the sporting world to global news, if there is something in your sector that you deem worthy of discussion, go for it! Keeping your content fresh and generic rather than individualising widens the demographic of your audience.

Remember that conversations build trust; your potential podcast is an opportunity to have a conversation with your potential customers.

The Diary of a CEO podcast with Steven Bartlett is a great example of a business sector podcasts, although calling it a business sector specific podcast feels like a disservice as the podcast also offers self-help advice for those external to the business sector.

The beauty of The Diary of a CEO is that Steven Bartlett brilliantly ticks a number of the best ways to engage an audience. He uses his sector knowledge to offer advice and tips when it comes to business development. However, he also conducts interviews with other CEO’s to channel their expertise and add value to his product. The use of more than one voice on your podcast may also be advantageous to your business as it creates conversation while providing different tones, meaning it is less likely to be deemed boring.

Your current customers want to know more about you! Whether it’s your backstory or plans for the future, they are committed to your brand! Keeping them engaged is a brilliant way to guarantee repeat custom. Most people don’t have enough time in the day, podcasts make it easy when it comes to digesting information. And why not repurpose your podcasts for blog posts too?

What can you do next?

Once you have a plan of what you want to say and how you want to say it, you’re in a position to start broadcasting to the world. The first thing we would stress would be consistency, the number of blogs and podcasts that are left on the scrap heap once businesses get bored of them is countless. Keep your audience engaged and interested, as well as ensuring you are enjoying the process too, that’s crucial. If you’re not having fun, the listener won’t be either.

Our final suggestion may seem the most obvious; ask your viewership to subscribe or follow! Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with your customers in the future. For example, sign up to our mailing list below to get our latest blogs sent to you in one go! If you would like any help with your digital marketing, please get in touch!