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Compared to most months in 2020, June was a reasonably quiet one for social media. Whilst we’ve been celebrating the loosening of the lockdown rules, what has been going on behind the scenes across the digital world? Well, in this blog we will bring you news on the significant updates, what you need to know, and how they could benefit you.

Facebook – Lose the fake news 🤳

June for Facebook was all about news; the good, the bad and the fake. Having You Know Who force his favourite ‘fake news’ catchphrase down our throats, has made Facebook decide to help us decipher the garbage from the great.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘I don’t want Facebook to tell me how to think’ and initially we felt the same. Having researched Facebook’s efforts in more depth, it becomes apparent that this really will help. Nobody wants to listen to somebody blabbing on about how the world is going to end because he saw it on Facebook?

Facebook’s up and coming education campaign will help everyday users detect fake news and separate it from the good stuff, limiting the spread of false information.

Along with this announcement, Facebook have also told us of changes to the way their current algorithm works. The new algorithm emphasises quality, verified news content. The pandemic, as well as the Black Lives Matter campaign and the general global unrest, have highlighted the need for accurate reporting to minimise the spread of hate and false information. At Create8 we are all for the algorithm update if it means more people will be educated by the mistakes of others and well-documented news will be at the forefront of our feeds, great stuff Facebook.

Facebook’s final piece of their June pie is that they are introducing prompts to stop the unintended spreading of ancient new articles. We love this idea as it gets frustrating seeing someone post something that sounds appealing until we follow through to the news source and see it’s from 2016 and no longer relevant.

LinkedIn – Job hunting on social media 🤓

LinkedIn has always known its primary use as a social media platform and highlights it time and time again by helping job-seekers find opportunities. In the current climate, where jobs have been lost at an alarming rate, LinkedIn is upping its game to help those in need, by launching their new career opportunities hub. The hub focuses on the most in-demand skills attached to all the opportunities listed on its platform. It highlights these skills before offering job-seekers online courses to brush up on the desired skills to prepare for applications and potential interviews.

TikTok – Businesses get ready 😎

As our time at home increased as too did the use of TikTok in June as well as the amount of home-made dad dances. TikTok is hilarious and a hugely addictive platform to play around with; in June, they announced the news that most marketers have been waiting for, TikTok for business is here.

The social media platform will allow companies to understand more about how TikTok works and how to maximise their potential reach by using one of the platforms countless creatives. As a creative agency, what we love the most about TikTok’s emergence into the business world is that they have seemingly stood by what makes the platform great. TikTok for business has the slogan ‘Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks’ and champions using the platform for its intended use while holding-hands with businesses rather than changing the whole process to endorse a new pair of trainers or some shampoo.

Snapchat – Get your shoes on 👻

Winner of the most exciting social media news in June is without a doubt, Snapchat. They announced the first shoppable AR experience through the platform. We know, crazy right? But not only have the platform smashed the augmented reality shopping experience out of the park, they also teamed up with Gucci on the project.

The camera lens will offer potential customers the opportunity to try on four different styles of Gucci trainers from the comfort of their homes. You would be right in thinking this isn’t the first time Snapchat has used AR for products; however, it is the first time that the AR experience will come with a shoppable link. Footwear is a much more accessible product dimensionally to sell via AR, the past products trialled on the platform were a little more complicated.

Nonetheless, this bold move by a social platform giant and one of the biggest names in fashion highlights the long term uses of AR in marketing and experiences.

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