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As life seems to drag its feet back down the path of normality, in July, the digital sector decided to run. It’s a tough month for us to document as a lot of the movements come due to changes, job losses and general negativity. But you still need to know what’s what, let’s get to it.

More COVID-19 job losses

In mid-July, LinkedIn announced that it is to cut around 6% of its staff. New CEO Ryan Roslansky, who only took the helm a couple of months ago is the man who has had to make one of the most difficult calls in the platform’s history. The jobs will primarily be cut from the talent acquisition side of the business, as fewer employers are looking for workers. Despite being a casualty of the times, no-one likes to see another individual out of work, and we hope they can find their way into something soon.

The TikTok clock ⏰

It has been an incredibly challenging month for everyone’s lockdown guilty pleasure. TikTok looks like its success in certain parts of the world, including America (its largest user) could be coming to an end. But as we all keep our eyes glued on what could happen next for the social media powerhouse. It has kept its sights firmly on keeping its audience happy.

Fans of the weekend and the Weeknd can imagine the intrigue when TikTok announced in July that it is to host a virtual experience with the Canadian megastar himself. The experience will see users interact with a space-like existence and be treated to a live concert and insight into the world of the Weeknd. It sounds awesome. It sounds like Fortnite x Travis Scott but in your pocket, and we are all for it. Let’s hope amongst the speculation this goes ahead because TikTok could really be on to something here.

Facebook have rightly noted that in TikToks absence, all of those brilliant creators will need a home. They were quite honest when they said Instagram Reels is based on TikTok. And even more honest in that they have approached the most popular creators, offering incredibly lucrative deals. Facebook will aim to re-home them in Instagram Reels.

How Can Digital Help You After and During COVID-19

Still seeing friends 🤳

During July, Facebook finally gave us the solutions we were waiting for. It has, after what has seemed an eternity during lockdown, finally offered screen-sharing across all messenger platforms, which means that we can now see our family and friends directly from the messenger app. Brilliant! So for those who are on the move, and back living somewhat normal but mask-wearing lives. They can be in contact with their house-bound family whilst they get around, through Facebook Messenger. Another significant step forward.

Snapchat in the digital sector 👻

Snapchat has been one of the biggest movers of recent months. In June it was the announcement of ‘minis,’ a baby version of apps within Snapchat itself. July saw the first Mini actually take shape, reminding the digital sector that Snapchat is still relevant. Headspace was integrated into the platform, and the world saw how Minis would work. Headspace itself is a meditation app that encourages regulated breathing patterns and stress release. Great for the current climate, and something beneficial for the world we live in.

The idea of the minis being shareable across the Snapchat platform encourages people to share experiences and take part in something they might not have before. We love the idea of a Minis, and we are incredibly intrigued to see how malleable and interactive these tiny apps will be. Time will tell, but this is some excellent work from the Snapchat team once again.

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