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If you didn’t know, this is a blog we create every month. We run through all the big news, updates, facts and figures of the previous month, and this one is no different – we’re looking at March.

March is a revitalising and replenishing month; it marks the end of Q1 in the business world, which means we gain some of that necessary data to analyse. As a month, March also felt incredibly transitionary. Not only did the Create8 team continue to grow, but we got a little spatter of the summer sun. Waving goodbye to those winter winds never felt so good.


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The end of Q1 figures continued to highlight the dominance of TikTok. The video-sharing app remained at the top of the list for the quarter’s most downloaded apps. This is good news. Who doesn’t enjoy the light-hearted fun that TikTok brings?

Raising money

It seems social media is constantly being scrutinised, whether that’s due to the spreading of ‘fake news’ or the lack of policing those using platforms to spread hate. But, we like to start this blog with some positivity, and in March, that’s precisely what Facebook brought to the table. 

It’s easy to overlook the good of social media. But Facebook brought the data we prefer, since the introduction part-way through 2016 of non-profit fundraising tools, the people of Facebook and Instagram have raised over Five-Billion pounds for charitable causes. We repeat, Five BILLION! The figure is, if anything, a nod to the good we all do on a day-to-day basis and, of course, a massive validation for the good that can be achieved with social media.

YouTube eyes up Tiktok

We all enjoy short video content. 2020 brought our peoples joy for wasting time on TikTok. So, when it was announced a few months back that YouTube would be bringing competition to the sector with their introduction of ‘Shorts’, you can imagine we were pretty excited.

The initial roll-out was US-based and gave us a massive slice of social media envy. However, should the initial beta be successful, we should be expecting our version sooner rather than later.

At first glance, the segmented camera tools, which allow you to piece together short chunks of footage, look cool. It’s a pretty basic entry from the video-sharing giant. But baby steps are necessary to get to a final product to rival TikTok.

Virtual marketing

With every passing month, it looks more likely that eCommerce is going to become a huge part of Snapchat’s future. From the early stages, they have been the pioneering platform for virtual product placement and marketing. Well, in March, their position strengthened significantly.

In March, FitAnalytics was acquired by Snapchat for an undisclosed figure (put it this way; it’s not going to have been corner-shop money.)

FitAnalytics is essentially a virtual sizing program that works with the consumer’s statistics to suggest the best size to suit their frame. You may have used the product itself with brands like ASOS and Calvin Klein. Anyway, this purchase means that Snapchat now has access to provide sizing suggestions based on virtual technology and offer the trying on of those products from the comfort of your home. Cool, right? Pretty mind-blowing if you ask us.

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March has freshened us up a little, and we hope it has you too. Summer is clearly in the air, and that will lift all of our spirits.

As we bid farewell to quarter one, we feel optimistic that life as we knew it might just reappear, and when it does, we are all going to be more than ready for it!

Q1 has been a great one for us, and we want to continue providing you with great informative content. Thank you for reading our blog and for helping us be the best creative agency that we can be. Have a brilliant April, everyone.

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