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Why your business needs a copywriter

What do copywriters do for businesses in 2019, and why should you consider hiring one? Well, the easiest place to start will always be time, we know you probably don’t have much of it. So, honestly, how close to the top of your priority list is writing engaging content for your website and online presence? Pretty low we bet, but it really shouldn’t be! The percentages of prospective customers who trust a brand once they have read content the brand have produced increases so significantly that if you’re neglecting writing, you’re missing a trick!

Sales background

Here’s a thought, you sell apples, just apples, red ones, relatively spherical and very similar to others on the market. How are potential online customers going to know the true value of your great apples? Will it be a picture? Or, will it be the descriptive text accompanying the image that highlights its subtle deliciousness? After all, one a day does keep the doctor away! Persuasive writing and sales pitches are something that all good copywriters are more than used to, so let someone else work their craft and increase your sales today.

Your love for your product

Believe it or not, being too close to your product and the topic you’re writing can be a problem. Those who are closely connected to something will often try to over-sell and believe us it isn’t pretty. The jargon and semantic field of an industry can produce those snooze moments that no prospective buyer ever wants to come across, the kind where you switch off mid-conversation due to lack of understanding. So to avoid this, allow someone to portray your product and all its brilliance from a distance. This also allows the customer to connect, as the copywriter can often offer the point of view of someone who doesn’t know the full ins and outs of the product.


A good copywriter will know his or her trade just as you know yours; therefore, they will remain knowledgable when it comes to the latest Google features and updates. For example, In October, Google introduced the BERT update to all searches, which immediately means well-written content is now paramount for all websites. The more organic material your website produces, the better your SEO and ability to drive sales are likely to be. Where you appear naturally on searches, will, in turn, increase your chances of catching those who are looking for a particular service.

Getting and staying social

One of the most important jobs for any business is maintaining an active social presence. Engaging content drives clicks, and it’s the conversion of those clicks, that lead to sales. Having more interaction with your current clients and those prospects who are waiting to hear from you has never been easier than on social media. Allowing your content writer to manage your social platforms, will help your business to blow away the online competition.

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