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Constantly on Camera

Live streaming isn’t a new-fangled idea by any means, but the way we see companies using it will change drastically in the coming year, so if you want to stay ahead of the movement, here are some ideas of ways to utilise live streaming within your business.

The Social Shopper

We are truly and deeply immersed in the era of the social shopper, is it any surprise that social shopping style live streaming has the potential to take off this year. In-app purchases are at an all-time high and advertising to the masses through social media is to be expected by businesses of any size.

2019 saw the launch of Amazon Live; the online retail giant attempted to challenge ‘QVC’ in the online shopping platform. There’s a real sprinkle of nostalgia when we think about QVC, but the proof is in the pudding with the predicted figures. Industry experts believe that over 80% of online traffic will be video-driven by the end of 2020, and around 13% of that will be filmed live. You better believe that’s a big slice of the online shopping pie.

Sporting Prowess

Nike were the real champions last year when it came to live streaming and we can expect plenty more of where that came from. In the ‘Breaking2’ project the sportswear brand live-streamed their full attempt at breaking the 2-hour marathon. Eliud Kipchoge failed in this attempt by just 25 seconds, but overall Nike and Eliud were the winners. The runner set a new world record, and the sneaker they had developed specifically for the task was thrust into the limelight.

Experiences in Live

The amusement sector is, without a doubt, one of the most popular when it comes to live-streaming. With the battle to get people through the door, having influential people doing walkarounds becomes more and more common. What we love about this sector is that live streaming and the use of social media advertising opens up a whole different demographic.

Chester Zoo, for example, conducted their social media campaign using aptly named ‘mum-fluencers’, allowing them to visit the park and write about their experience to draw in others. Could live streaming their favourite sections have been brilliant content? We think so! The same could be done for theme parks or family experience days.

Gamble Aware but Gamble Live

For as long as there have been records kept on human life, there has been evidence of gambling, and we are still doing it just as much, but now we love to bet in a totally different way, in-play.

With in-play betting becoming the punters choice in many countries across the world it was logical for the companies collecting the profits for all those failed attempts to strike it rich, to follow suit and back-up the in-play market with live video.

Companies like Betfred, Skybet, Ladbrokes and many more have found the power and weight that comes with streaming live footage of horse races onto their sites. Many of them have also introduced the restriction that to watch the footage, you must first place a bet on the relevant event. Encouraging a bet being placed before the event itself and then in-play options throughout.

The majority of the sales driven by live-streaming are down to the fact that we simply love to feel in control. In making video footage available, the potential customer is able to see how an outfit looks on, or how well the team they have bet on are playing or whether that new theme park is suitable for their children, passing the decision making into the hands of the customer. Taglines like ‘You decide’ will no doubt accompany the footage and guess what…they work!

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