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Why, what and how is Google My Business Important for your Digital Marketing?

Why wouldn’t you set up Google My Business, it’s completely free? Google My Business is perfect for local search results. We could end the blog there but we will go on.

What is Google My Business?

It’s a free tool that Google gives to businesses to manage your presence on Google itself including Company Details, Search, Maps, Services, Photographs, Reviews, Daily Posts and more. Google a company and a full description pops up on the right-hand side? That’s Google My Business, it’s like a ‘profile’ for your company.

How is this useful for your business?

You can show up in the local search results for the services you provide, for example, if somebody searches ‘Web Designer Stockport’ we will come up along with all the other web designers who have google my business in our area. This also shows where you are on a map to see how close you are to them.

Using Google My Business can improve your SEO results, pushing you further up the ranking, drive more traffic to your website and gather extra clients or customers in your local area.

If you’re doing a good job and customers like what you’re doing you can get them to review your business. This gives future and existing clients more trust in your services.

All your contact details and opening times can be put on Google My Business making it easier for your customers to know when you’re open and how to contact you.

How to get started with Google My Business

Visit www.google.co.uk/business and click Start Now, then follow the information to set up your Google My Business account.