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Why You Should Look for the Website Padlock

An SSL certificate (or that little lock you see next to a website) is a secure channel between two devices communicating over the internet. For websites, this means any website that runs without one could be vulnerable to attacks as the data being transferred between endpoints is transmitted in plaintext. An attacker could gather data such as card details or personal information if you use this on an insecure (HTTP) website. HTTPS – the ‘S’ stands for secure, and is there for that reason, to be secure.

We build every new website on our server to be secure and this is what we would always recommend. As we have transitioned a lot of clients websites over to HTTPS, we’ve noticed Google receives these websites better.

It’s good to also keep in mind, from a client/customer point of view, they would more likely trust a website that is secure (now that you’re aware of this, we assume you will be too). So your customers are more likely to go ahead and use your services or buy your products knowing you value their security.

In short, you do need an SSL certificate.

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