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We sat down with Sam, one of Create 8’s web developers to discuss his trends for Web Design in 2019.

Website Trends 2019

What makes a good website in 2019?

I think in 2019 a website needs to be clean and modern with clear and effortless access to information, allowing a user to easily find the service/products/information they need.

What are 2019’s web design trends?

In 2019 I think the trends that stand out the most are, flat design, white space, organic shapes and unconventional grid layouts. Flat design and white space work quite well together as web design are moving more into the “less is more” mindset and these design styles showcase this extremely well with a more minimalistic approach. Organic shapes are a great way to convey a more “laid back” brand and with their unusual appearance, these can be used to grab a user’s attention and add a personable touch to your site.

What’s your favourite plugin?

My favourite WordPress plugin has to be Advanced Custom Fields Pro as it allows you to add custom fields to posts, pages and more to ensure your custom layouts can easily be updated without having to recode anything. It gives you complete control over your WordPress backend/frontend.

Can you give us a top tip to coding?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try new things, one of the great things about coding is there usually isn’t just one way to do things, for example there are multiple ways to centre align text:

<h3 style="position:absolute;left: 50%;transform: translate(-50%);">title</h3>
<h3 style="text-align:center;">title</h3>
Both of these will centre align the text, it just depends on what you prefer / require.

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