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When it comes to online shopping, we just can’t get enough and neither can the rest of the world. Our addiction to buying is increased when the things we buy are part of a collection. We love to collect; football stickers, Pokémon cards, shoes, keyrings. We’ll pretty much collect anything, whether it’s the ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) or a sense of longing to have something others don’t.

Are Subscription boxes the modern-day collectable?

Possibly one of the first boxes you heard about; industry game-changers Graze; you know the one, the little brown cardboard box filled with snacks. It could make you feel like you were eating healthily when in reality the only snack we enjoyed was ironically the sticky toffee pudding.

When moving into the subscription box sector, Graze did something previously unheard of; they shipped treats that were completely unknown to the purchaser. Yes, that’s right, we ordered food, and didn’t even know what was going to be delivered!

In terms of business, it was genius in every way. They are stocked globally in most supermarkets nowadays, and you know what you are getting, but it was Graze who really changed it all in the beginning.


Do you remember buying stickers or Pokémon cards, Kinder eggs even? Well, how great was the surprise of not knowing what was inside? For kids these days it comes in the form of LOL dolls.For some, it’s that nostalgic feeling that significantly supports the subscription box sector. Does buying a Glossybox, which includes beauty product surprises, bring back the nostalgia of seeing what toy was inside that Kinder egg all those years ago?

The Nostalgia Design Trend

Always on time

One of the most recent subscription box trends to take the online world by storm is the meal-prep sector. Companies like Hello Fresh provide healthy pre-prepared meals delivered directly to your door. The beauty of this subscription box is the time that it saves the everyday person.

As we have mentioned over-and-over, there is not enough time in the day. We also know that this is the main excuse for people to avoid eating clean. Step up, the meal-prep subscription box, saving you time not only in cooking but shopping too.

For the person you don’t really know

We mean this in the nicest way possible, but you know your second cousin’s cousin? What about the Christmas secret santa you pulled out of the hat at work? Subscription boxes are the gift of choice for those you know but don’t really know.

With subscription boxes, you can aim at general interest and let the box itself do the rest. So, for example, should you know that your great uncle likes watching the chase, there’s a box for quizzers. Or you know that your partner’s auntie enjoys making clothes, (she knitted you a scarf one time) there’s a box for the knitters of the world too! In fact, there’s pretty much a box for everyone, making it the gift of choice for the sort-of family members.

So if you like to be a part of something, or you suffer from FOMO, we all do! Subscribe to our…blog (box) below.