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Once you have your business up and running, and your plans for domination are well-thought-out and formulated, there’s just one crucial question remaining, how are you going to drive ecommerce sales? So often the answer is online, this means the most vital space you own is your shopify website.

Shopify currently powers half a million sites and there are countless reasons why more and more entrepreneurs are turning to the platform.

As a web design agency, it’s fair to say we know a lot about Shopify web design, and with a sprinkle of your personality and a slice of your character, we are confident that your website will be as brilliant as your business.

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Highly recommend Create8! We worked with them for our website and Alex did an incredible job. He was always one phone call or one email away and responded back very promptly! The service is great, got the chance to go down and sit with their design time to get some ideas across for the website. Brilliant team and will definitely keep working with them!

Mark Harrison

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What is involved with Shopify Web Design?

What do you do?

When it comes to the design of your Shopify website, it as essential that we understand the feel and personality of your business. Our dedicated team of Shopify experts are ready to hear all about what makes you stand out before adding their expertise to your shopfront.

We always suggest making sure you understand the process involved when building a Shopify designed website and that you have ticked all the necessary boxes before commencing the project.

Any time wasted revisiting the initial phases can become expensive for everyone involved.

Type of journey

In the world of Shopify web design, it’s pivotal to understand what type of journey you want your potential clients to take. Your website, when designed correctly, should tell a story, think of it as a virtual tour-guide for those who want to know a little more about all things you.

Our Shopify design team has the skills to help you narrate your story in whatever way you wish. We specialise in both User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Shopify websites.

To simplify the jargon, UX is a process-based design mechanism and focuses on the way things work, whereas UI is a deliverable aesthetics-based target highlighting the way things look and feel.

Find the Theme

When designing a website on Shopify, there are over 100 starting themes to choose from. Our team of experts are here to help you choose which theme best suits your goals and will use their skills to manipulate the theme into achieving whatever your goals may be.

However, if you are looking for a Shopify web design that’s entirely original to your company, we would advise making the most of our bespoke web building service.

Bespoke Shopify building

Your eCommerce platform is your online home, your base and the hub of all your business. Would you decorate your brick and mortar shop exactly the same as one just down the road?

The truth is that when using a Shopify design theme, the likelihood of someone having an incredibly similar website is pretty high. Whereas if your theme is designed specifically for the practicality of your industry, your eCommerce will stand to all those who come along to see it.

Our team has built many bespoke Shopify websites and because of this, can offer a number of insightful and intuitive options when it comes to becoming a big-player in your sector. We are here to help throughout the process and have the skill to include custom functionality into your website, meaning that your eCommerce shop front will operate like no-one else’s.

Bespoke Shopify web design is a big move for a rapidly growing business and can increase sales overnight.

Graphic design

As a design agency, we take immense pride in each of our projects, so if the graphics for your website don’t scream your business, we wouldn’t be doing our job.

Each piece of graphic design work is carefully created by our team of experts and will have a role to play in the user journey of your potential customers. Luckily for you as a customer, we offer countless options when it comes to graphics, from custom loading screens to logo design if you don’t have one yet.


When designing your Shopify website, it’s important we understand who your main competitors are. The companies you compete with are a great gauge of what the customers in your industry are currently familiar with, what they like and don’t like. Knowing your potential rivals allows you to elevate your business above the rest.

Information and Honesty

When it comes to the content of any Shopify web design, we feel responsible for each business in the same way we do for our own. Therefore we champion providing information that is honest and never aims to mislead your potential customers.

When designing a Shopify website, the blurb included can be as vital as the layout, theme, imagery and graphics. So why not let our experts help you get the process right.

Support Packages and Marketing Strategy

As a creative design and marketing agency, our work doesn’t stop with the website we produce for your business. Our in-house team has specialists in design and marketing across the board.

This means we can provide support packages for your Shopify eCommerce site, helping with the development of the website, as well as all things marketing and strategy. From eCommerce marketing strategies to social media marketing plans, content development and copywriting.

We are a fully immersive agency, the potential of any project excites us.

The Shopify Web Design Process

It’s vital that every one of our clients understands the process undertaken when developing the perfect Shopify eCommerce platform.

We’ve made sure that our method is as easy as possible to understand by breaking down each step and guiding you through our role as web designers.



The scope of a project is always the first step. For all the parties involved, it’s essential that the work taken on is achievable and that the expecting outcomes align, so that together we can create something spectacular.



Without research, we aren’t able to fully understand your business, sector, target market and competitors. We want to know everything we can about your project and the the driving force behind it. If you have a story to tell, we can’t wait to hear it.

We need to understand everything about your competitors, we don’t want your website to simply fit-in, especially when a bespoke design is involved.

We want to challenge the norm and break the mould of simplistic eCommerce web design.


Design & Develop

Once the brand and competitor research is complete and we have confirmed how and where you want to stand in your sector, it’s time to get creative!

This is where we thrive as a company; during the creative process, we use the strengths of each of our employees to offer each customer a vast range of skills and talents within the creative process.



When we have finished your design, it’s time for you to run a fine-tooth comb across our work. We will be ready and waiting to discuss any possible alterations and tweaks you may suggest during the refining process.


Deliver & Grow

Once your Shopify web design is complete, and the sales are rushing in. We can offer any suggestions for further growth and brand development down the line.

Shopify Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a logo before you can start my website?

Well, you don’t need a logo. However, we would always advise having an understanding of how the branding of your business is going to look.

The best Shopify design themes and bespoke web designs will align with the brand identity of a company, whether that’s having matching colour schemes or bold wording and tag lines.

Luckily logo design is one of our strengths, if you are looking for a logo and don’t currently have one, we can carry out the work for you.

Do I need a website and a logo for you to start work?

Well, you don’t need a logo. However, we would always advise having an understanding of how the branding of your business is going to look.

The best Shopify design themes and bespoke web designs will align with the brand identity of a company, whether that’s having matching colour schemes or bold wording and tag lines.

Luckily logo design is one of our strengths, if you are looking for a logo and don’t currently have one, we can carry out the work for you.

What are Shopify Apps?

Shopify apps are essentially add ons to your store. There are thousands to choose from and these’s no end to Shopify customisation by using them.

Please find the store here

Can you maintain my website once it’s running?

All shopify websites are hosted by Shopify, meaning everything for you is in one place. Shopify offer 24/7 support, even with their basic plan, so you know you’ve got the help when you need it.

We offer monthly support packages to help with all aspects of the design, functionality, apps, graphics and future updates.

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