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Our Stockport based creative designers are passionate about the execution of your print and are always keen to research and strategise the way your company should be advertising. Once we’ve nailed your strategy, we can move onto the design stages, where we work alongside you to make sure you know where the project is going every step of the way. When you are completely happy with the design we can to move onto the all important, quality print.

Advertising Material

Our team of creative experts are here to make your design experience as simple as possible. Our designers are experienced in sales brochure design and a lot of our current clients are using our sales brochure designs for their businesses. We make sure each brochure reflects the professional attitude of your business. Bringing sales brochures or advertising materials, such as presentation folders, flyers, leaflets or catalogues to your meetings, gives you a step up above your competitors. Click here to view the all our work.

Business Stationery

Getting the perfect businesses stationery design for your company is always important. It’s all about getting your brand identity consistent throughout your stationery and making sure you’re always making the right impression. Meaning your clients will never forget you. Our team of creative designers can make sure your branding is consistent, clean and professional. Business Stationery includes Business Cards, Letterheads, Invoice Templates, Compliment Slips or even promotional items (USBs Mugs, Pens etc). Click here to view the project.

Event Artwork

Our event artwork designers are ready to create artwork for your new / next event. We can design a range of material for you including: flyers, posters, timeline banners, square images, static and animated Instagram/Facebook stories.

Are you struggling to find ways to promote your event? Come in to discuss your new idea and speak to an experienced event designer.

Click here to view our latest event artwork pieces.


Packaging design should always stand out and be unique to your company, regardless of budget. We work with a variety of styles from very quirky illustration based packaging to very simple clean and elegant designs. Our packaging designers will strategise the packaging approach and make sure that you stand out from your competitors. Click here to view the project.

Ready for the Web

We often have clients telling us “We need more business”. We work alongside many digital marketers and clients to produce the very best content designed for their clients or company. This may be social media imagery, explainer videos or even website banners, advertising their new products. We understand that most of the time your aim is to produce sales, that’s why our team of graphic designers produce sale driven design to maximise your potential sales.

Social Media Imagery / Setting Up

It’s always important to have some kind of presence on social media, not just for your SEO, but to advertise your business to a new target market. Our graphic designers can product social media imagery for you to put use throughout your social media, to help encourage more traffic through to your website. We can also help get you started by setting up your social media accounts for you with designed Timeline Banners and Display Pictures to suit your branding. Click here to view the Facebook profile.

Photography Styling & Retouching

Have you taken the perfect photograph and noticed something small is ruining the image, our photography retouching service makes sure your picture is exactly how you want it. This is great for commercial imagery, magazine editorial, catalogue imagery etc.

Motional Graphics / Web Videos

Does your business need a bigger visual presence? Maybe motion graphics or web videos are your option for advertising. We know that in the online world, video has a much wider reach with the market than a standard photograph. Our team of videographers can work alongside you to produce a story behind your videos, ensuring your video content is as engaging as possible, meaning more reach, more customers and more leads.


Illustration can give your business depth as well as giving your customers something to look at. Illustrations can tell a story without text and let people know what your company is like. Our illustrators will work alongside you to create the perfect illustration designs to match your company and tell a story you’d like to tell. Our illustrators can work in a variety of styles to suit your needs, including vector illustrations, hand painted illustrations, black and white line drawings etc.

Character Design

Give your business a personality with a business character or logo design. Make your company instantly recognisable with a character design that can be incorporated into your branding, website design, social media design and more. Our illustration team can work with you to create the perfect character for your business. Anthropomorphise your product or have a human or animal character stand alongside your logo to help people connect with you over another business.

Product Illustration

Want to show off your product without being too technical about it? You have your detailed product design images but now you want to promote your product to your target market. Why not have your product illustrated by our team of designers based in Stockport, choose an illustration design style and work with us to create the perfect promotional images for your company.

Marketing Illustration

Why not add your illustrated style into your images throughout your website or social media? Having illustrated web imagery could dramatically change the look of your website and make it a lot more engaging. Click here to see this project.

Packaging Illustration

Give your packaging concept a little extra kick with some illustration designs. Repeat patterns can add a subtle background element and texture to your packaging. You can also use packaging illustrations to help your customer understand your product visually and encourage them to pick it up to find out more. Consider using one of our illustration designers on your product packaging to create a font that’s custom to your product, helping you stand out next to any competitors. Click here for this project.

Hand Drawn Illustration

Our illustration designers can create any hand drawn illustration using a variety of methods. Storyboarding is used first to create the initial set of illustrated designs, then each emotion a character may need is then created. Painting characters for book illustration is one of the many talents the team have. To see the project this image relates to click here.

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