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Having spent an unprecedented amount of time on social media over the past six months. We wanted to discuss making your social experience a more positive one. How to find fulfilment and drive from within social media, and leave your distinctive mark along the way.

Think back to the blue and black or white and gold dress that took over the internet and remember that perspectives can differ. Perspective can often depend on what you surround yourself with and what you are taught to see or think. What if we were to tell you social media works in the same way? So let’s start by forming a neutral canvas.

Cleansing 🧽

When we talk about a social media cleanse, we don’t mean withdraw from using it completely. You shouldn’t have to deprive yourself of something you enjoy, even if that is scrolling through pictures of cats dancing. We mean scrolling through and removing all those accounts you currently follow that bring nothing to your life.

You know the ones. The in your face, pop-culture icons who uploads flurries of flashy cars and expensive clothes. The truth is you just don’t need them; your aspirations should be ones that invigorate and energise you. Seeing opulence with no back story is but a fleeting moment of ‘wow’. Once these people actually reach the point of ‘financial comfort’ they often don’t find happiness in a new car or a rare breed of dog. They find it in helping others, so why not start helping yourself today?

Inspiration 🤩

We know what you’re thinking. Once you’ve deleted all those people, who are you going to follow? The most rewarding social media experiences revolve around a story. Follow people who are achieving inspirational things. Business owners, entrepreneurs, sportsmen and women, fundraisers, charity ambassadors, inventors, the list goes on! There are countless uplifting people out there, and watching their stories will hopefully inspire you. But if it doesn’t inspire, leave those counts as they are and find what makes you feel joy.

Maybe you need to follow accounts that specifically post positivity, cute artwork, handmade jewellery, amazing photography or an adorable pet account where the pet writes the captions… Follow what makes you happy and unfollow what doesn’t. Consider the amount of time we all spend online and you’ll realise you should be filling it with positivity.

Avoid parasitic behaviour 🚫

We don’t like to speak bad of people, but there are some out there who simply shouldn’t be allowed a social media presence. Humans who believe belittling another person is a cheap and quick way to get kicks. Sooner or later these people show their true colours online. So whilst they are around, don’t humour them, leave their accounts behind and take no notice.

It’s an accidental vicious circle that people sometimes overlook. For example, once you engage with a troll, and begin to fire abuse back, are you not then a troll also? Not really, but spreading more negativity online probably won’t help and arguing with a troll is never a good idea. They drag you down to their level and will never change their opinions.

It’s nice to be nice 💕

We are massive advocates of making the world, including the digital one a better place. Maybe it’s a smile in the street and ‘good morning’, spread that happiness, it’s infectious. Reach out to those you haven’t heard from in a while. Engage with someone new, spread positivity in every post, make it an easier place to be and a happier day for just one person.

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