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Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or some egg-cellent puns lined up, it’s time to start getting your Easter marketing prepared. In the world of marketing, it’s wasteful to let a global holiday pass without freshening things up a little. However, the longer you’ve been in the business, the more difficult it can seem to formulate great ideas but failing to make an impression can be costly in both money and brand.

With Easter looming on our doorsteps and the excitement of eating even more chocolate being one of the true feelings of happiness in lockdown. The question is, how can you level up your marketing for the Easter period? Well, we have some cracking ideas coming up!

Where should you be marketing? 🤔

An unforgettable marketing campaign is when it spans multiple platforms and inspires people in various ways. So it’s time to start thinking across the board with your campaign ideas. Let’s build something memorable and start by introducing it to your website, then your socials, heading into your organic content and finishing with your paid ads. If your business is going to get Easter just right, it’s essential to know what people want to see and where they want to see it.

A light bulb moment 💡

To get started, you need a concept. At Easter, it’s all about giving something back, especially chocolate! So, if you are thinking about a giveaway, Easter is the perfect time to implement it. Whether you want to hand out Easter eggs to the first ten people to answer a quiz question or if you’re going to build a bespoke hamper for the winner of a ‘like and share’ style competition.

Giving something back is a great place to start as we love getting something for nothing, especially… you guessed it, chocolate.

The key to a good campaign is successful integration across all your platforms. The simplest form of bringing a splash of Easter to your feed is, of course, by introducing relevant colour schemes. Easter symbolises the start of spring, meaning there are loads of brilliant, light, airy and positive colours to be used to scream “EASTER” at all your followers. This year is the year of positivity, expect spring themes to be prevalent across the internet.

Website 🖥️

Your website is your home, and we know how hard it is to run a fresh layer of paint over those walls. And when it comes to marketing for Easter, it’s really up to you how much you want to buy into those positive Spring vibes. You could go for a complete refresh across the whole site, pastel colours, wide-open spaces and the odd Easter icon. Or you could create a bespoke landing page and go completely Easter crazy. We mean rabbits, flowers and chocolate everywhere. It’s up to you and the skills of your web designers.

Social media 🤳

With mastering any marketing campaign, your social media needs to be front and centre. It’s far easier to reach the masses when you utilise social media for good. Giveaways and competitions are readily shareable as they bring happiness and good vibes to others. That’s what 2021 is all about, and that should be what social media is all about.

Devise your plan, think about how far you want it to reach and get posting! The earlier you start the campaign, the better, as people will be given more opportunity to share your content and their love for your business. Oh, we almost forgot, make sure your company header and feed look Easter ready too; otherwise, your marketing campaign could disappear within your corporate edge.

Organic content 📥

Do you send emails? Don’t let your Easter mailshot go by without sprinkling pastel colour graphics all over it!

Emails and newsletters are the perfect opportunities to create something aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

Do you blog? If you do and haven’t blogged about your Easter marketing yet, do it sooner rather than later.

The sooner people are exposed to what you’re looking to do, the more opportunity they have to talk about it. Blog about how chocolate become popular at Easter. Or how the confectionary sector has used a traditionally religious holiday to their benefit, interest people and keep them coming back for more.

Paid advertising 💰

Paid advertising may seem a little more removed from the business sectors mentioned above. But your paid ads are likely the primary way you sell your business to the world. If that’s accurate, then you should be thinking about bringing some spring vibes and Easter cheer to those too. Think about mixing up the colour scheme on your advertisements; add some lighter, more rejuvenating tones.

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As a creative design and marketing agency, we understand the value of eye-catching and unforgettable design work; however, we also know what it takes to make a marketing campaign stand out. Therefore, if anything you have read in this blog interests you, we are here to discuss how we can help make this Easter your best one yet.

Pick up the phone or send us a message. We love a challenge, so let’s think up something fantastic and get to work.

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