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Should we be marketing during Covid-19?

Well, here’s a blog we never thought we would be writing, marketing during Covid-19, but for all of our business friends we understand the show must go on somewhat. So here are some of our top tips for staying on your tiptoes.

Despite the world feeling like it is coming to its conclusion, this is a time to seek positivity. There’ll be a time in the near future where it will be those business ideas that were formed during this time of lockdown that will be the movers and shakers in the business world. There will always be light for all those who plough on through and continue to market their business for the restart of life as we know it.

What should you be doing?

Firstly, never use this as an opportunity to exploit those who are already going through an awful lot as it is. Fear should not be the overarching theme of any marketing campaign right now. As many sectors failed we saw fear spike and people rush to buy food, we also saw local shops up the prices of necessities because of that fear, don’t and we mean DON’T do this! At any cost, it will come back to haunt you, as we know social media bites much harder than it barks, and once your business has received criticism from taking advantage of people, you’ll never get that reputation back.

Manage your budgets

It’s pivotal to note that business is down in almost every sector. Therefore make sure you know down to the pound how much your industry has been affected, and how much you can afford to spend after taking this into account. In some sectors, we would advise not expecting immediate results; however, with screen time on the up, it could be incredibly beneficial to put your business in front of people at the right time. So let’s do it now! Believe it or not, pay per click is currently a lot cheaper than normal at the moment due to people cutting back on their marketing.

Quick tips to manage your budgets

  1. Research your return on investment (ROI).
  2. Figure out where your audience is before spending money.
  3. Start thinking long term, write some blogs, you can do this for free!


Be cautious of what you put out there

So, here’s the key to the situation. Everyone is in the same boat, so if your advertising is something you wouldn’t want to see, then don’t do it.

We know that many businesses put a lot of money into particular advertising campaigns, and we also understand that seeing those campaigns stand still can be incredibly frustrating. All those pretty graphics are just sitting on your desktop waiting for the eyes of the world, and those hilarious anecdotes that you can’t wait to see enjoyed can still be used.

However, we would advise running a fine-tooth comb across your marketing. We understand that you may be ready to run the same campaign as you did previously, but it’s vital to re-read your blurb and look over your imagery again, as at this moment some things just aren’t as acceptable as they used to be. Honestly, using great marketing which isn’t socially valued right now could be a total waste of your time and resources.

Being Cautious Tips

  1. Understand that people don’t want to be sold to all the time.
  2. Be helpful, this is going to work in your favour in the long run, reach out or write that free blog post.
  3. Check through all your text based ads immediately.


Prepare your customers

How long has it been since you logged in to your mailing platform? Well, now is a great time to start sending your email marketing again! Brand awareness right now could be the reason your customers begin shopping again once normality returns. So why not reach out? It’s win-win if you ask us.

We would always recommend a business letting its mailing list know if they are about to reignite their marketing efforts. Keeping your regular customers in the loop with all the things your business is doing can help to build long-term relationships and increase your credibility as a business which cares.

Preparing Customers Tips

  1. Keep all your customers in the loop with how you’re working, whether that being remotely or you’re a critical worker.
  2. Using your mailing lists to promote helpful tips and guidance.
  3. Organise remote video calls with your customers, or create a video to send everyone to make it more personal.


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