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Are unread emails really the best use of your marketing budget?

With digital marketing becoming the leading investment for flourishing businesses, is the online marketplace where you should be spending your hard-earned cash? Or is it just as crowded as its offline counterpart?

It’s Monday morning, and after the usual weekend rush we settle down to address the little problem of the vast amount of daily emails we have received. As is often the problem with our personal accounts, we are more than willing to sign up to everything and anything we can, just for that initial discount or bonus. We then spend the following months and years deleting the emails we don’t want to read and never unsubscribe.

In years gone-by it was hard-copy mailshots that piled high on the welcome mats of homes up and down the country, these days our mats are relatively clear bar a few window cleaners in the neighbourhood.

What actually differentiates online marketing from offline marketing when it comes to the high volume approach?

Let’s address the element of hope that is present in both marketing styles. When it comes to running a traditional mass email shot we would always suggest knowing the legalities of doing so, the internet aims to unveil the anonymous much more stringently than the real world therefore knowing the laws in place and following them to the letter, is certainly advised. But…Even with GDPR in place, and companies sticking to the rules, does it actually mean those who once shopped with you, or accessed the deal you were publicising still want to buy from you? No, it doesn’t.

This being said, online tools like Mailchimp can really help you perfect your output when it comes to email marketing. It’s ready to manipulate templates and fully accessible analysis can really help any budding business to flex their marketing muscle in a way that works best in their sector.

Mailchimp’s free portal comes with a 2000 contact limit or a monthly send of 10,000 emails. This is to make sure bigger businesses pay their way when it comes to using the website but also for us it really promotes a ‘less is more’ attitude to marketing. Target your well thought out content to those who are still interacting, those opening your emails should see more of what you have to offer and those who are clicking through to your website should be turned into customers.

A suggestion from us to end on. Head into the treasure trove that is your unopened emails and select a few from companies you haven’t used in a while. Check out what they have to offer and if it’s not for you, unsubscribe! It will help shave the top off your unwanted emails and also help the businesses in question get back to streamlining and selling to customers.

Target marketing can work in hundreds of different ways. Speak to us about how we can help you with your marketing – online or offline.