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We’ve caught up with Alex, our Web Designer, for a chat about himself.

What’s your background before joining Create 8?
I actually started out at university (Leeds Beckett) where I studied Product Design, so I have a background of CAD and 3D modelling. I guess that’s why I’ve naturally picked up web design over the past few years.

What are your roles in the business?
My main role within Create8 is web design, the creation of beautiful WordPress websites. These are always well received with every client and I don’t stop till everything is perfect. I also manage clients day-to-day to make sure they are kept updated with every project we are working on. Oh, of course along with doing accounts and general business activities throughout the day.

When designing a website what are you always thinking about?
The key thing I am thinking when developing any new website is to make sure it matches the clients industry, as this is important to fit into the market. Another important aspect is to keep the branding consistent, as this should match the brand guidelines and any other material created.

Web Design Team

How do you handle the pressure when creating a company’s new website?

Good question. I make sure to do the appropriate research before I start to develop a quote. The quote will outline every piece of software and every task I will take whilst developing the new website, this gives all our clients the ease of mind to know exactly what they are paying for.

Is there a particular web design style you prefer?

Personally I prefer designs with as much white space as possible for the user to process the information they need in a digestible manner. There’s nothing worse than being on a website and being bombarded with information.

Speak to Alex and the rest of the web team, get in touch.