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Since the turn of the new decade (yes we know it’s only been a few weeks) there’s been one piece of news that’s dominated all others. No, we’re not talking Brexit – Prince Harry or more aptly, Harry Mountbatten-Windsor has decided to move away from his lavish royal lifestyle to pursue self-sustainability with his family. Whilst it’s easy to find this a commendable move, the former life and soul of the Royal Family parties, has distanced himself far more than most would have imagined.

We’re left thinking, what happens next? Away from the supposed fragile relationships throughout the royals, what are the possibilities for Harry and Meghan from a marketing and branding perspective?


So, first things first, where did Meghan find her fame? Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most well-marketed companies in the world and in its very essence, is a true breaker of convention. It would make complete sense if the former royals headed into television, after all without the surname, Harry would have been the ginger bloke who was in a relationship with the woman from Suits. It’s also vital to note that Netflix most recent smash hit, ‘The Crown’ does in fact centre around the Royal family, so how about an actual member of the family turning up? Cool idea, right?


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Social Branding and Standing

Okay, we have one of the most famous couples in the world, A former prince and a former actress who have built a family despite the difficulties of always being in the public eye. Sounds compelling, doesn’t it? Well, this is precisely how some of the largest companies in the world will be thinking right now. Taking into account the world we live in, where people sell products more than any subliminal or gung-ho marketing ever could. Would it make sense for Harry and Meghan to market who they are, and in turn make it an open market for those willing to bid for their endorsements?

To us it would make strategic sense. They could potentially position themselves comfortably within the upper echelon of social media influencers without much effort. When you take into account that these two are super-famous, you could look at the amounts earnt via Instagram alone by Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo, believed to be in the range of one million dollars per post. Not the worst job in the world is it? But seriously, Harry and Meghan would be as marketable as the Beckhams’, and that means one thing, self-sufficiency.

So what niches would appeal to the couple?

Family is everything for the young couple right now. They are prioritising family life and privacy over fame and subsequent unwarranted fortune. Therefore family brands; health and baby care products would certainly tick the boxes.

Fashion, both Meghan and Harry have been known to dress up, and this is why fashion would appeal. Can we see a Pretty Little Thing X Meghan collab? Probably not, but there must be high-end Parisian fashion houses who would love to have the couple as ambassadors.

Travel, a curveball if you like. Often the easiest way to escape is to be in plain sight, which is why we think bouncing around the globe could work for the couple. So here’s a thought, hotels, airlines and restaurants all seek celebrity endorsement and its almost always gifted and paid for by the brand. So, could Harry and Meghan jump from plush hotel to plush hotel, allowing little Archie to learn along the way?

Privacy Problems

From a branding and marketing perspective, Harry and Meghan, are Brad and Angelina but with a little more mystique. So much of what we know about Harry we have been spoon-fed, with the occasional bad decision he made being aired in the news and adding some spice to our royal cocktail.

But in reality, it looks like the couple wants to move away from prying eyes, which is never going to be easy in the world we live in. Somewhere along the line, there will have to be some give-and-take, whether that involves the pair taking their own family photographs, or content if they wanted to brand themselves as we suggested above. Allowing people to see what you want them to see is what makes social media an entirely concealed place, and would certainly make sense for the couple in the long run.