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Graphic Design

Our design process is viewable on our about page here. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0161 820 9686 or if you would prefer emailing us hello@create8.co.uk
The final design will be sent over to you in the file formats you require upon receipt of the final payment. We also make sure we keep a copy of your artwork on our system in case you require changes to the work, which will be agreed upon quotation.
Once you’ve received the artwork you can amend it if you have the correct software to do so, our team work on Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. If you require us to make amendments we usually charge a small amendment fee depending on how big the change is.
Our team can provide express jobs for a quick turn around, this usually requires an extra fee depending on how quick you would like to receive the artwork. Our turn around time is generally quite speedy depending on the scale of a project.
Our prices are based on your specific project requirements. You can choose to order a custom package for multiple designs or individual prices for single designs. To get your free quotation click here.

We offer discounts to those who order multiple items.

We work with a lot of different clients who need white labelled graphic design services, our jobs are always completely confidential and will never contact your clients.
If you would like to see our recent work please click here.

Website Design

To begin, our website team will discuss everything you would like on your website. Making sure we recommend ideas and take your own ideas on board, you’ll then receive proposal which you should check over to make sure everything is correct and what you had in mind. Once you accept the proposal you will receive a quotation with the amount the site will cost to create.
We will then research your target market and company to make sure we understand your industry in full. Our designers will start mocking up your website using the ideas and imagery you discussed with the web team. Once the designing stage is complete, our web developers and coders will get involved to ensure everything is achievable and all the systems involved will work correctly. The site will then be fully created and with your feedback, we can ensure you are happy with the final product.
If approved in your quotation, we can then pass it on to our UX (User Experience Team) who will take your site to market before it goes live to the public. By showing your website to a select number of people, their feedback will let you know if your website is easily and quickly understood.
If approved in your quotation, once you’ve 100% confirmed your website, our team will move it over to our hosting platform. Once this process is complete, your website can be made live!
We offer a wide variety of websites, please click here to find out more.
Yes we host your website, we use our dedicated services hosted with Guru.
Yes, we can host your emails.
If your quotation came with a content management system, you will be able to edit your own website.
Our website design prices depend on the number of pages and systems involved. Our one-page websites start at £250.00 but you can get a full quotation by clicking here.
Yes, we always supply our website design clients with proposals before we begin a project. We know you need to know what’s in store beforehand to be sure of the work we’ll do.

Print Services

You will first send through your artwork for our team to take a look at. We will take your suggested idea on board and recommend or advise if we think you would benefit from something different (i.e a thicker paper or different finish).
The team will then send you through a quotation which once approved will need to be paid in full before we can send you a proof of the artwork, this is so we can make sure the artwork is 100% correct and so you can have the peace of mind that your print will be exactly what you want.
Once the order has been made, our printing team will start printing your artwork ready for delivery. All delivery details will be provided on the quotation.
We prefer all files to be sent over in Format: PDF or JPEG, Colour: CMYK, Bleed: 3mm, Resolution: 300dpi with no printer marks or colour bar.
We always tell our clients that you should never expect the on screen version of your artwork to look exactly the same as the printed version. But we do make sure to get your prints as close as possible with the CMYK prints.
First of all, what do they stand for? CMYK – Cyan, magenta, yellow and black, RGB – Red, green and blue. 
CMYK is a four-colour mode that uses the colour  cyan, magenta, yellow and black in different amounts to create all the colours required when printing your images. We require documents to be in the CMYK format for printing.
RGB is the colour scheme that is most common with electronic displays. Often used when designing online images, for example websites and online advertisements.
For more information on CMYK and RGB you can watch this handy video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hirYMZ7PQc
Yes, for every order you make you will need to approve a proof, this will be sent to you once the order has been made. This is to ensure that the artwork is correct before it goes to print.
3mm bleed on each side of your design and a 3mm safe zone within your design. This means that your artboard will be 6mm larger on each edge. (maybe something here about not leaving the bleed as white space?) 
Yes, we keep all your files on our system just in case you need to re-order your prints.
Yes, our expert graphic designers can supply you with great quality designs at reasonable prices. For more information please click here.
You can upload your artwork online when requesting a quotation, alternatively, you can send your artwork to print@create8.co.uk if your files are too big we recommend using WeTransfer Free (www.wetransfer.com)
You can order a sample pack by emailing print@create8.co.uk

General / Payment

Great! It’s always an exciting time when starting your own business, we like to keep the excitement going with some great designs for your company’s key image.
If you don’t know where to start, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0161 820 9686 or if you would prefer emailing us at hello@create8.co.uk
View our list of graphic services by clicking here
We know creating a website can be difficult and a tad confusing at times. We make sure our clients get the best service possible by ensuring all web design projects are up to the client’s satisfaction as well as our own. To start your website please feel free to give us a call on 0161 820 9686 or if you would prefer emailing us hello@create8.co.uk
View our list of web services by clicking here
Graphic Design / Website Design: Pro-Forma Payment (100% Upfront) for your first order, then 30 days in payment terms for any following projects.
Printing: Pro-Forma Payment (100% Upfront) for all orders.
We accept BACS, Cheque, Cash

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We are always open to meetings at our Stockport offices, come in for a chat and a brew! If you would like to come in, please feel free to give us a call on 0161 820 9686 or email hello@create8.co.uk